People looting not because they're poor

Demonstrators loot stores as protests continue on July 12 2021.
Demonstrators loot stores as protests continue on July 12 2021.
Image: Siphiwe Sibeko

I am so angry at South Africans. This chaos is devastating. I can't take it any more. It's high time protesters come out and say exactly what they want and stop hiding behind service delivery.

Why do we always have to vandalise the things we fought to have and use on a daily basis? We ask the government for schools, it's delivered, then we burn the same school for the government to give us water. Where is the logic?

We are in the midst of a stressful pandemic, companies are shutting down, people are losing their jobsBut we create an even worse situation. Now companies are not shutting down, they are burnt down, looted and left in shambles.

What we lack in this country is not jobs or money, what we lack is common sense. How can a person in their right mind loot a supermarket and then call it protest? The most dangerous pandemic in this country is ignorance. Our government is already suffering financially, where is it going to get the money to compensate people who lost their businesses?

Where will it get the money to restore disrupted infrastructure? We always complain about this country and its high levels of unemployment then destroy the companies trying to create jobs.

How are we fighting the pandemic if we shut down vaccination sites? How do we shut down everything for one person?

I wish people could see protest as protest not as an opportunity to loot, and this mentality of thinking the people behind this looting are poor is cheap.

The people who have looted millions of taxpayers' money were well off. Stop painting poor people with a dirty brush. People are looting not because they are poor, but because they want to.

Consolation Mathebula, Bushbuckridge

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