Poor economy is ANC's fault, not apartheid's

ANC flag. File photo.
ANC flag. File photo.
Image: Werner Hills

I fail to understand our political leaders in SA; today they speak about unity and the rainbow nation, tomorrow they say "lest we forget".

Well, apartheid was there and caused many bad things; however not 100% bad, some of the laws we need today. Those white people we keep on reminding of apartheid are not the ones who perpetuated apartheid, it was their great-grandparents.

We should be busy building the nation but because of this grudge we are losing the battle against racism.

The ruling party is to blame for the poor economic growth because it has neglected all the SOEs left by the whites. Whites left a strong sustainable economy in the hands of the ANC who messed up everything. Our economy today has no backbone, we now rely on Pakistani tuck shops.

Amos Motloding, Jamela Village

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