Mr President, you've let us down

President Cyril Ramaphosa. File photo.
President Cyril Ramaphosa. File photo.
Image: GCIS

With due respect, Honourable President, we are disappointed that we placed our trust in you and your political party. Based on your negotiating skills in Codesa, drafting of the interim and founding constitutions and being named a billionaire by Forbes magazine, we thought you had the wisdom to lead the country with integrity and appoint competent ministers, chastise the delinquent and discharge the disobedient public servants. Alas, you are the insecure presiding officer of the progression and prosperity of the citizens of SA.

There is rampant institutional crime, corruption, wasteful and irregular expenditure, gross negligence and incompetence, with no consequences. In your futile exercise to spin it, you blamed the “nine wasted years”, while you were part of the last four years. The PPE procurement process has turned into a den of thieves.

The auditor-general released another damning report that seven provinces had overpaid contractors for below-standard PPEs. The current Digital Vibes and Dr Zweli Mkhize saga unravelling suggests that the ANC government still has no corruption detection strategy to keep tabs on errant government officials. This is a travesty of justice. Your fear of reprisals has made you tolerate misdemeanors to the detriment of service delivery – just to save your party from splitting.

Everyone is aware that there are two camps in the ANC you are trying to appease. You cannot please everyone and you cannot make everyone like you. That is a recipe for failure.

Kgothatso Mphuthi
Chiawelo, Soweto

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