ANC internal structures exposed to be a farce

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File photo.
Image: Phillip Nothnagel/Daily Dispatch

The duplicity and sheer intellectual malignancy of the ANC never ceases to amaze one. They were thinking that the entire matter of corruption and state capture could all be dealt with by “ANC internal structures”, i.e. the smoke-filled backrooms where the dirt was just swept under the table.

The Zondo commission has shown them otherwise, but perhaps not as incisively as many of us would have liked. As the criminals were exposed by Zondo so should they have been led next door into the prosecutor’s office, and their ill-gotten gains retaken plus a punishing interest and penalties by the Receiver.

The shallowness of the ANC’s character is very clearly demonstrated by the Magashule charade in which the villain has been clearly booted from the party which in the past he and the other party head honchos, would have been only too happy to say was an internal matter and which would be handled by ANC internal structures. Now this miscreant deems it OK to go to the real law of the land, the courts. What a hypocrite!

The corruption of the ANC is first and foremost for the enrichment of the party leadership and their entourages. Let the voters eat cake!

Dr Peter Baker
Parktown North, Johannesburg

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