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The government has said it is working to restore order in Palma.
The government has said it is working to restore order in Palma.
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A lift plays a vital role in moving people up and down within a building or mine. It is designed with a limited capacity to carry people at any given time. If human emotions rather than specified numbers are used to decide, the elevator will sink, resulting in many casualties. An elevator is analogous to planet earth.

The Sovereign of the universe, in His wisdom, created man to be His steward on earth with responsibility and accountability – to fill the earth and conquer it. When mankind disobeyed God by building the Tower of Babel, He scattered them all over earth and they stopped building the envisaged city.

The Creator sustains the cosmos, man maintains earth. The earth is demarcated into tiny units, called countries, with inviolable borders. If we abdicate our responsibility, forces of evil such as poverty, hunger, insurgency and climate change will take centre-stage.

Colonial rule was defeated throughout the SADC region. Let us all be man enough to prevent and fight troubles in our own countries. Mozambicans in Mozambique, Zimbabweans in Zim, Malawians in Malawi and South Africans in RSA – all are richly blessed with natural resources to be exploited. Tanzania rightfully denied about 600 Mozambican asylum seekers entry into their country and they returned to the province of Cabo Delgado. Our divided country is so overwhelmed!

Thami Zwane, Edenvale

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