Don't entertain bad drivers

Image: Veli Nhlapo

It has become part of our daily communication to urge people to be safe on the roads. While the focus is mainly on safe driving, let me highlight that road safety is not necessarily confined to driving responsibly.

There are many challenges on the road that motorists should try by all means to avoid. Bad driving is not only a threat to other road users, but can deteriorate into road rage. As a road user myself, I have witnessed an endless string of irresponsible behaviour by other motorists, which sometimes tempt me to respond in a manner that befits that behaviour.

But one thing I have taught myself is that there will always be bad drivers, so the best way is to remain calm and focus on my trip, as long as no-one bumped my car or scratched it. Many road rage incidents have resulted in physical fights, malicious damage to property, injuries and even death.

If someone drives in the oncoming lane and then tries to get back to the right lane in front of you, just stop and allow the person to do so. Trying to block him may result in your car getting scratched when a little patience would have saved the day.

Arguing with strangers will not help you, just take a deep breath and proceed to drive as long as you are still safe.

When you are angry, you can’t focus on the road and that may culminate in accidents. May we gather the strength to remain calm and understand that the fact that other people are bad drivers should not make us overreact.

Malphia Honwane, Gottenburg eManyeleti

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