Let's work for a better SA

16 March 2021 - 10:17
By reader letter
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I have just returned abroad after a well deserved vacational break with family and friends. I could not help noticing how South Africans of all races walk around with a chip on their shoulders.

It's as if the world owes something to South Africans. It's time to come down to earth and work together; the world owes us nothing.

SA is riddled with crime, corruption and load-shedding but every country has its own issues to deal with. The only way to solve problems in SA is by voting the DA into power. Get rid of the ANC and stop the foolish, immature, racist EFF in their tracks.

I see hope and a future for all within our beloved country, we've just got to put our differences aside and work alongside each other.

I don't think South Africans realise what a beautiful country we live in. When considering emigrating, think carefully before moving abroad; the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I personally cannot wait to return to SA on a permanent basis again; once a South African, always a South African.

I am a proud South African working abroad and a true ambassador when it comes to holding the good name of SA high.

Keith Thurley

Warwickshire, England.