Zuma isn't above the law

23 February 2021 - 09:49
By reader letter
Former South African President Jacob Zuma
Image: Reuters Former South African President Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma is not an ordinary citizen. Zuma is the former president of the country and that of the governing party: the ANC.

He is now regarded as an elder. According to the African culture, elders are accorded the utmost respect. Why? Because they are old and wise. And they also dish out good advice.

However, it seems the opposite is true where Zuma is concerned. Instead of people flocking to him to seek sound advice, people are going there to admonish him to do the right thing.

Last year, the former president was requested to appear before the Zondo Commission. This was after several people made corruption allegations against him at the commission. So, the commission wanted to hear his side of the story.

He went to the commission but not with the aim of presenting his side of the story. He went there for a show off.

Zuma requested deputy chief Justice Raymond Zondo to recuse himself. He cited weak and flimsy reasons for his request, which were rejected by Zondo. The next thing, Msholozi left the commission, during break time, without informing the deputy chief justice.

The commission summoned him to appear before it again. He refused. The commission then referred the matter to the Constitutional Court, which ordered the former president to comply and cooperate with Zondo.

Zuma has since written a letter boldly refusing to go to the commission.

Since he has refused to appear before the commission, several people have appealed to him to change his mind.

Let him face the music.

Thabile Mange, Mogale City