SACP takeover is just beginning

FILE IMAGE: SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande.
FILE IMAGE: SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande.
Image: Mabuti Kali © Sowetan/Sunday World

N'wabvenula Phangela ("SACP should cease to exist", Sowetan, October 3 2019) sees the South African Communist Party as so irrelevant that somehow a long letter of grievances, rants, curses and everything in between must be published in a national newspaper.

No sane individual ever wastes so much energy and time on an "irrelevant" organisation.

The message in the letter is contradictory. At one point "communism [is] exploitative" and in the next statement there seems to be a cry for communism which, according to the author, the SACP will fail to bring apparently because "rhetoric is not going to bring communism in SA but action can".

Phangisa does well to show the real intention of the letter: "the SACP must leave the alliance".

The author knows that it has been largely through the SACP's efforts that today we have important pro-working-class policies such as the National Health Insurance.

The SACP was the first organisation to call for a judicial commission of inquiry into state capture.

The author is frustrated by the mobilisation prowess of the SACP's more than 311,000 members. The SACP must continue to cause more palpitations to undecided anti-communists by mobilising workers and members of society towards socialism.

Thabo Thwala, Bothaville