Burning schools, clinics has to stop

12 July 2019 - 08:28
By Readers Letter
A picture of two classrooms and a small office gutted by fire.
Image: THULANI MBELE A picture of two classrooms and a small office gutted by fire.

After reading Gauteng MEC for education Panyaza Lesufi's emotional Twitter post about the school that was burnt in Katlehong, I sympathised with him. You wouldn't think in the 21st century we would still have people with such backward mentality.

In my book, anyone who burns a school, public library or clinic should receive the harshest prison sentence possible.

I still don't know what would possess someone frustrated with electricity to burn a school.

Maybe I'm too old school. School for me is a very sacred place. It's a place where futures are shaped. Anyway, this idiotic belief that if you burn something, politicians will act quicker is unproven as a fact.

I doubt there's a politician's child who goes to that school. It's high time communities isolated these scumbags.

Anyone who uses genuine community grievances to commit crime shouldn't be part of protests.

We owe it to our kids to study in easily accessible schools. We also deserve to be taken to the nearest clinic if we take ill. Enough is enough.

Richardson Mzaidume, Pimville