Opportunistic EFF can smell blood with Gordhan on ropes

30 May 2019 - 09:58
By Reader Letter
Leader of the EFF Julius Malema.
Image: Alaister Russell Leader of the EFF Julius Malema.

Is EFF opportunistic? If we take into cognisance that there is bad blood between Pravin Gordhan and Julius Malema then their move to back public protector Busisiwe Mkhebwane against Gordhan should be understood from that perspective.

Secondly, their Marikana massacre trump card seems to have lost steam and there are very few issues on which to take President Cyril Ramaphosa on, unlike his errant predecessor.

Thirdly, Gordhan's predicament is the EFF's way of putting the ball in Ramaphosa's court to see if he is going to disregard the Mkhebwane's findings by appointing Gordhan and score an own goal.

The EFF's stance on Gordhan presents a dilemma to Ramaphosa.

Their manoeuvre is a well calculated political move. Their flip-flop character is of no consequence compared to the political capital they are going to derive from the Gordhan imbroglio. It is a rarest opportunity to come their way which, if Ramaphosa blunders, they are going to grab and run with it.

Sam Ditshego,Kagiso