Road deaths not limited to Easter and Christmas

10 April 2019 - 08:57
By Reader Letter
Image: ER24

We have a new minister of transport, because 'new' is a relative word. What hasn't changed is the strategy, for lack of a better word, to curb road deaths.

Yet again the Arrive Alive campaign is launched just before the Easter holiday season and it will again make an appearance in December. What about every other day?

This obsession with road death statistics over the Easter and Christmas periods must come to an end now. People do not only lose their lives over these periods.

I agree with the minister's sentiments that "there is a misconception that road safety begins and ends with the government, or law enforcement, or the traffic police. It does not".

With all due respect, minister, we demand that the law enforcement agencies enforce the law and the traffic police carry out their duties.

Zakes Nakedi, Ennerdale