Spreading hatred is self-defeating

04 April 2019 - 10:24
By Reader letter
Image: 123RF/ lkeskinen

In the wake of the latest attacks on foreign nationals, let me share this letter with the perpetrators.

That Somali shopkeeper who sold you bread and milk at an affordable price with a smile on his face, you will remember him.

That Mozambican lady who used to chat with you throughout as she worked on your hair, you will dearly miss her.

That Zimbabwean guy who fixed your geyser and unblocked your sewer at a reasonable cost, you will cry all your tears to learn that he is gone.

That Zambian man who fixed your phone when it accidentally fell into water, you will look around hoping to see him. That Malawi woman who used to do your laundry and even iron it for you to look good at work, you will wish she never left.

That Congolese man who used to give you winter blankets on credit will cross your mind when the cold season knocks. That street seller who did not mind giving you cabbage and tomatoes to cook while waiting for your granny to return from Sassa offices with grant money, you will kick yourself when hunger starts asking questions.

We can fool one another and hate foreign nationals but those who are encouraging you to spread the hatred today will not do anything for you tomorrow. No one is rich enough to do without a neighbour. Stop xenophobia!

Malphia Honwane

Gottenburg eManyeleti