Terrorism is a mental illness and has nothing to do with religion

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The terrorist carnage in New Zealand must be condemned by all of humanity. Words fail to describe such mindless slaughter.

Those who perpetrate it, whoever they are, personify the embodiment of evil and sheer cowardice. The mindless slaughter of men, and children is an affront to humanity.

Therefore we must insist, as those who carry the torch of civility, that we must unite and squelch those charlatans who proclaim their outlandish virtues as they decimate the innocent. No religion advertises massacres and extremism.

Terrorism is a sickness of the mind, a self-proclaimed method of war, which is as old as war itself. It is related to no particular religion. In fact, terrorism is in no way related to the world's great religions.

Our tormented world is fraught with bereavement and pain caused by unbridled violence.

There is no symmetry, not in the scope and not in the degree of severity between terrorism and its victims. Mankind has been inflicted with the bitter taste of terrorism since time immemorial. It has different hues and aspects varying the impact and interpretations according to different places. Terrorism has become globalised. It is the antithesis of shared values and commitments which serve as the basis for peaceful co-existence internationally.

Farouk Araie, Actonville