Intelligence need proper training

Siyabonga Cwele.
Siyabonga Cwele.
Image: Rajesh Jantilal/CGIS.

Ranjeni Munusamy must keep quiet if she does not know what the duty of intelligence is.

How can she be happy because during Nelson Mandela's era there was no minister of intelligence? Which country can Ranjeni point to and say "this country does not have an intelligence department". Probably Tata did not want it because it contributed a lot in his being in prison for many years. But Tata corrected his mistake and soon we had a minister of intelligence, Ronnie Kasrils.

Kasrils studied intelligence in Russia and underwent military training in the same country. He knew exactly what his duty was in this field. He did the job practically in the ANC when he was the head of intelligence.

He was not appointed like Siyabonga Cwele, David Mahlobo and Bongani Bongo were. Others were appointed by Zuma just because they passed matric and were Zulu-speaking like Msholozi.

I don't want to write about Cwele because he will be embarrassed for the rest of his life. They never went for courses on intelligence. So how do we expect an inexperienced bloke to deliver for his department? There was no intelligence course at Robben Island.

Intelligence ministers must once in a while go to the field or where things are happening with their team to show them what he practically wants them to do when collecting information.

In conclusion, Jacob Zuma was never an intelligence chief in Zambia. He just tasked the intelligence gatherers on what they should do for the day. He was never practical to prove that he was a "spook". If he was one, where did he train because after being released from Robben Island he never underwent any military training because he was already a madala.

Ben "TNT" Lekalake, Soweto