Myeni's race card doesn't move me

30 January 2019 - 08:00
By Reader Letter
Dudu Myeni.
Image: Gallo Images Dudu Myeni.

Dudu Myeni, controversial former president Jacob Zuma's right-hand woman, is quoted as labelling Angelo Agrizzi as a "racist, bitter man, anti-black and anti-black woman".

There is a saying that secrets have a way of coming out, and now when they do, people resort to labelling others as racists. I guess the only part missing from her statement is that "Agrizzi is anti-radical economic transformation".

And don't be surprised to hear a statement loaded with rubbish coming from the BLF in her defence as a black person. For the record, the BLF is not representing me as a black person and my rare collection is that I don't ever recall giving them the mandate to speak on my behalf.

The question is, why is Agrizzi suddenly being called a racist, anti-black and anti-black woman by Myeni? All along she was happy as long as he delivered ill-gotten money to her and her ilk. I cannot say I am surprised by her statement of pulling the race card. Recently, it has become the norm and a defence mechanism when people found wanting resorted to pulling the race card.

As the truth is now being revealed regarding all the dirty corruption that has been happening, race will be used to garner sympathy and support from us black people. For the record, I am against racism and would never support any form of racism or sexism; and I am aware of fact that racism is alive in our country. However, I would not be fooled and pulled into this rhetoric, especially where there is clearly wrongdoing on either a black, white, green or blue person.

Ms Myeni has never been one to respond to media inquiries, but she did a Usain Bolt on this one by sending a message to eNCA wherein she was denying the allegations made against her and making those unsavoury remarks.

By the way, why doesn't Ms Myeni go and clear her name before the Zondo commission?

Obakeng Setlogelo, Kimberley