Big business blocking use of hemp

Hemp oil in a glass jar and hemp seeds.
Hemp oil in a glass jar and hemp seeds.
Image: 123RF/Elena Schweitzer

I attended the Cannabis Expo last week in Pretoria and it was wonderful.

It further attested that hemp, a variety of the cannabis species, is a wonder plant brought to us by the gods to heal the earth of its sickness and hunger.

The problem is that those in power - both politically and economically - do not like the world to be cured of its sickness as they financially benefit from the dying world.

Hemp can produce almost everything the world can think of - from food to medicine, oils to clothing and quality paper material. Most global constitutions, including America's, are written on paper made from hemp.

The question is: who criminalised and banned this wonder plant? The answer is Western European business people who benefit from the sick world criminalised this herb.

European countries are starting to legalise the use of this plant with huge financial and economic benefits, while Africa is far behind. SA only legalised the use of the herb for only domestic and health purposes.

For the past 50 years, the Rastafarians have been telling the word to legalise hemp. Hard drugs use will end as soon as people become aware of the benefits of the herb.

E.B Nkomo


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