Why youth choose booze over books

20 November 2018 - 09:05
By Reader Letter
Image: 123RF/Vladislavs Gorniks

I read a book titled Books or Booze by a local author by the name of Prayforce Mashilane and I was left with a mind full of questions about the choices that our youngsters make about their lives.

I wonder why our young people choose to destroy their lives through booze when they have the choice to build their lives through books.

The book explains the importance of education. Having read this eye-opening book, I'd like to talk to our young dreamers and parents alike.

Life is about choices. The choices we make today will go on to determine our future. If you make bad choices about your life today, it may go on to haunt you for the rest of your life. If you choose books you may rejoice in your life until the end.

We need to make informed decisions about our lives. We have friends, bad and good. We must learn which ones lead us to temptation and those who lead us to the freedom of our minds.

A friend who buys you booze today and does not give you a book to read cannot be a good friend. A good friend will never pamper you with booze and cares less about your school work.

To the parents, despite everything that is going on with our children we still need to give guidance and sometimes enforce it.

It is an undeniable truth that alcohol is destroying our youth. We cannot pretend we don't see it. Even if our children choose the other way, let us not stop preaching the gospel. One day we will change a lost soul.

But you, our children, are the ones who have to make the most important choice: books or booze?


Godfrey Malibe