We need to bring children in line

19 September 2018 - 09:51
By Reader Letter
Pupils manhandling teacher.
Pupils manhandling teacher.

It is an undisputed truth that South African society has reached a state of decay and something must be done very fast.

Crime statistics released by the police minister are a clear indication that something is seriously wrong with the way the country is being governed.

The reasons for this social decay is that we have departed from our African way of doing things and adopted foreign European ways.

The way we run our family affairs, especially how we take care of our children, is incorrect. That is why they have turned into the scary monster we fear most.

We have given them powers to do what they do.

We must reverse that and go back to basics - [by insisting that] a child's rights are in the hands of parents and teachers. The child should be responsible and accountable to both.

The government should stop telling us how to raise our children and later come back to blame us for the criminal behaviour of these monsters who beat their parents and teachers.

Today, these kids know their rights more than their responsibility to study and pass at the end of the year.

A parent who physically and reasonably punishes a delinquent child should not be arrested, because he will be doing the right thing. The arrest will make the relationship between the parent and the child worse.

As long as this situation is left unattended, we are in for a serious crisis. What we see is the beginning, the worst is yet to come.

Ephraim B Nkomo