Dispossessed Africans must reclaim stolen wealth

Image: Adrian de Kock

I am disappointed by AfriForum and some European settlers in South Africa who claim President Cyril Ramaphosa and our government are grabbing land from white settlers.

These people know that the reason they have land in South Africa is because Africans were dispossessed.

Many Africans were massacred so that land must be solely owned by white settlers and that Africans must remain the poor working class.

White settlers have made super profits from our sweat and blood. That must end with immediate effect.

We must also move with speed to expropriate land and mines back to Africans so that the wealth can be shared among Africans. We must get back our diamond, gold and other mineral resources that were stolen by white settlers and share that wealth with all South Africans.

Today, we have rising unemployment and homelessness among Africans and white settlers are getting richer at the expense of African dispossession and theft of surplus labour value.

This government must speed up the expropriation of land without compensation and nationalise the South African Reserve Bank. It must expropriate the shares of those who have been profiteering from our oppression and exploitation.

In this current trade war, we must stop trading with the Donald Trump-led US and the Benjamin Netanyahu-led apartheid Israel.

We must trade with Brics countries and encourage African countries to stop trading with both the US and Israel.

We must also establish military ties with Brics so that we can defend ourselves against the US and Israel.

We all know that the US has been profiteering through the creation of wars and invasion, resulting in the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria . The US is defending imperialism and capitalism, whichexploit the working class.

As South Africans, we must not vote in 2019 until the constitution has been amended to make sure that Section 25 makes it easy to expropriate land without compensation.

Mhlobo Gunguluzi


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