We have become spectators to mayhem happening in front of us

Footage from the video of a student assaulting his teacher.
Footage from the video of a student assaulting his teacher.
Image: File photo

I was horrified to see a video showing a Lenasia Secondary School learner disrespecting his teacher. I can only wonder how the boy behaves at home.

I was more horrified by the fact that the other learners allowed this to happen. They allowed just one pupil to disrupt their class. Why have we allowed ourselves to be spectators when such things happen?

Why have we become spectators to crime and general lawlessness happening right in front of us? How many more videos are going to surface where people are robbed and maimed while we just sit back and take clips for our amusement?

The time has come to take a stand once and for all.

The whole class was disrupted because of one unruly and disrespectful boy, and the whole class found it funny. Why do we pretend to wonder when our pass rate hits rock bottom? This particular class and all other classes taught by this teacher are going to be disrupted when the disciplinary hearing begins because the teacher has to attend the hearing.

I am mortified by how we have become desensitised to crime, lawlessness and general disregard for other people.

If there are still good people out there who believe in law and order, this is the time to say: "Not in my name and not in my presence."

Zakes Nakedi