Radebe shows the middle finger

Energy minister Jeff Radebe.
Energy minister Jeff Radebe.
Image: GCIS

The no-show by the minister of energy, Jeff Radebe, who was supposed to discuss petrol prices in parliament this week, is an indictment on the state.

With the rand plummeting against the dollar through global pressures, the risk of further petrol hikes is imminent. South Africans have faced a barrage of price hikes recently.

The price of a litre of petrol has increased from R6.92 in July 2008 to R15.53 in July 2018 at the coast, and from R7.16 to R16.02 inland, more than doubling. A large portion has been due to tax increases, with the tax on fuel increasing by 165.35% in 10 years. The fuel levy increased from a low of R1.27 in July 2008 to R3.37 in July 2018.

What is the government doing amid this crisis? Well, the minister of energy is raising the middle finger to us all.

Roman Daniels

Woodstock, Cape Town