DA has skeletons in its closet

08 August 2018 - 11:47
By Reader Letter
Democratic Alliance flag.
Democratic Alliance flag.

We should be wary and question the recent deal struck between the DA and Patricia de Lille.

Why now, especially since the DA is refusing to open the disciplinary processes while it claims to be a transparent party?

News also emerged this week that the DA has now offered De Lille a seat in the Western Cape legislature if she vacates her seat as mayor of Cape Town.

The offer of moving her to the provincial parliament clearly confirms that the DA has no compelling evidence against her that could stand up to scrutiny. But the party still wants to remove her as mayor, why?

We must remember that the DA stood to make R600-million in kickbacks from its Israeli funders for its 2019 election campaign. The DA also manipulated a tender process so that it could award a R6-billion contract to the Israeli government.

This has the potential to lead to corrupt situations where the political party's donors expect to be rewarded with government business or favourable government and state relationships even though Israel is committing human rights abuses daily. This is indeed the case with the party's Israeli funders, who were exposed by Rodney Lentit.

De Lille was the only one standing in the DA's way. She had the potential to expose the DA and its links to apartheid Israel.

Nasrine Akoob, North Beach, Durban

South Africa
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