Bring back the death penalty in SA

Bring back the death penalty in South Africa states the writer.
Bring back the death penalty in South Africa states the writer.
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For as long as our calls for the death sentence to be reinstated keep on falling on deaf ears, we are indeed a nation swimming in muddy waters.

South Africa is arguably becoming one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The death penalty was abolished because many of our people, particularly those who were suspected of being involved in the liberation Struggle, were wrongfully prosecuted, only to find out later that they were innocent.

Instead of us thanking our current government for this wonderful gesture and for taking this bold decision to do away with the death penalty, our actions prove otherwise as we constantly show them the middle finger, since we kill each other as if
it's going out of fashion.

It must only be in Mzansi, where the barrel of the gun rules the roost, where people have lost their minds and gone gun crazy.

Not a day goes by without someone being killed and worse still, our law enforcement agencies are not spared either.

Just recently, three kids were killed in a suspected taxi war in Browns Farm, Philippi, Cape Town. Six mineworkers on their way to work at Modikwa Platinum Mine in Limpopo were burnt beyond recognition. A reported attack on about 50 fellow mineworkers left 28 with serious third- degree burn wounds.

In a country where we are struggling with unemployment, which business- minded people would come and invest their money in a crime-infested country with gun-totting citizens?

As long as we allow criminals to hold the country to ransom, we can kiss and wave would-be investors goodbye.

Our hard-working men and women in blue are always let down by our lenient courts which always let these idiots, morons, chauvinistic pigs and bastards off the hook.

They get arrested today and they are let out tomorrow to continue with their criminal activities and murder sprees, which really makes it difficult to come up with clues about the culprits for possible prosecutions.

It's time for our courts to be stinging bees, not toothless dogs who bark all the time and have no bite.

We are sick and tired of crime, or are we becoming a lawless state where everyone does as they please?

Enough is Enough. Put these idiots behind bars forever and throw away the key as they don't deserve human treatment. What rights do these scumbags have when they go around killing people?

Bring back the death penalty. Period.

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla

Halfway House, Midrand

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