Government must clear up Sassa mess or ANC will be punished for it

12 July 2018 - 11:50
By Reader Letter
SASSA card.
Image: File Photo SASSA card.

The government must resolve the Sassa mess before beneficiaries die of hunger. What is more annoying is that the people responsible for the mess have no clear answers and won't take responsibility. The government should be blamed for letting this problem go on for far too long. I feel sorry for the grannies who use this money to support their families.

This is the second week of the month but some people are yet to be paid, while some were only paid a portion of their money. People are not sure where they must get their money as there is no clear communication. The ANC-led government is going to be punished for this mess if it doesn't open its eyes.

Tom Mhlanga,Braamfontein