SA borders should be re-demarcated

The writer says that South African borders should be re-demarcated.
The writer says that South African borders should be re-demarcated.
Image: Halden Krog

It is unfair for socialists and globalists to draw us into their mess. As it is evident that borders were deliberately opened for globalist quests that do not give a damn about the state of being of the suffering South African blacks, I propose the following:

Let KwaZulu-Natal secede from SA;

Let eSwatini get parts of Mpumalanga back and Lesotho its parts of Free State;

We in the eastern part of the country, who seem to have common ground, even in terms of traditions, can create an "Eastern Front" of nations, to hopefully stretch from KwaZulu-Natal /Swaziland to Cape Town.

Something will have to give through Eastern Cape to form contiguity, considering its ANC culture. Leave socialists and globalists with most of the minerals, for we know they will starve even if they have them. Give them all of Gauteng.

The rest of us capitalists and conservatives, we go east, the same way India was divided to form Pakistan, just as Morocco was divided and Western Sahara was formed, the same way Ethiopia was divided and there is now Eritrea, and Sudan was divided for the formation of South Sudan.

Then the ANC government, with all its socialists and globalist liberals, can have their United States of Africa with all their Somalians, Nigerians, Malawians, Zimbabweans, Pakistanis, Russians, Chinese, etc to live happily ever after, without us.

Let people go the route they want and let us go our own way. I ask King Goodwill and eSwatini and Lesotho kings to consider this.

I ask all sick and tired whites, Indians and Coloureds fed up with racists, and blacks fed up of tribalists, to move to the East so we can live together as happy South Africans.

Bongani W Miya,Joburg

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