Security companies can't be blameless for scourge of cash-in-transit heists

Image: 123RF

We have all watched with increasing awe and confusion as the cash-in-transit heists become more brazen with each passing day.

Typically, the police are being apportioned a large portion of the blame for the failure to curb this now almost daily national franchise.

If there is one sad reality that both history and state capture have come to teach us, it is that there is no sustained corruption without the complicity of the private sector, no matter how prestige their image.

I would like to now lay most of the responsibility to the security companies themselves, who seem to suddenly be unable to protect themselves from such acts.

I propose that their current leadership also be overhauled because they lack the strategic fortitude and the simple tactics to evade or foil these daily "robberies", if we can still call them that.

It has become harder not to suspect the involvement of employees in the upper echelons, who can deliberately weaken the composition of these organisations by planting corrupt seed and proven failed methodologies among them.

When you operate a security company and a daily offensive is perpetrated against you, it is only logical that you cannot simply rely on luck or the police to help you overcome your existential threat.

Tau Modise,by email