We need real men to stand up and be counted

Image: 123RF/ Zdenka Darula

I believe something is wrong with South African men, especially us blacks.

Every day we hear about a man who has killed his wife or girlfriend. Why hurt or kill someone you claim to love?

It is time for men to confront their demons. Jealousy and low self-esteem have led to far too many deaths. I am a man and I feel bad when other men abuse and kill women each day.

The majority of black men we see these days are just overgrown little boys who hide their fears and inadequacies behind their positions, possessions and toys like cars, houses and gadgets. We need real men to stand up. A real man will be a guide, teacher and mentor to his own family.

A real man does not spend most of his earnings on alcohol or drugs and then blame others for his failure to be a responsible father or loving husband.

Kganthane R Lebaka, e-mail