Ubuntu can cure our cold hearts

Ubuntu can cure our cold hearts.
Ubuntu can cure our cold hearts.
Image: PIXABAY/rawpixel

How we tend to become egocentric and cold-hearted is amazing. Many of us witness violence taking place and, instead of intervening or assisting, what we do is take pictures and videos.

A person can die in front of us and what we would do is take pictures and videos. That is how inhuman we have become in a democratic South Africa.

We are insensitivised and institutionalised all because of picture-taking and video-taking. Are we doing all this for "likes" and to be said "so-and-so is the witness", a witness who failed to help and rescue someone's life?

We definitely need to think deeply of our unfeeling and uncaring attitudes that have turned us into the unsympathetic society that we have become.

A society that is obsessed with pictures and videos - rather than caring, loving, supportive and helping each other. Our individualism and selfishness is betrayal towards Ubuntu.

We claim that we mind our own business and shouldn't interfere in other people's affairs. However, we regret it when we see someone dying in front of us - and we had an opportunity to assist, but failed. We need to show our Ubuntu and assist where we can.

Samuel Difoe Magana

Dennilton, Limpopo