United we can defeat criminals

Image: 123RF

For those of us affected by crime, we are the first line of defence and response. A change in community networking, social and sporting activities and a strong communication approach can enhance the initiatives by police to create a safer environment.

Police must also step up their policing activities in communities to include more updated ways of getting the public involved in fighting crime.

Hosting more public meetings in communities, which will involve nongovernmental organisations, religious organisations, community-based groups and relevant government agencies can have a positive impact.

Social media and information technology is being used increasingly by various agencies to strengthen the relationships with communities and to communicate with the public for the purposes of investigations.

This is an effective communication tool in the fight against crime. Social media has changed the way we live and communicate; our police service must be adequately resourced in this regard.

We must return to the days when everyone knew "who are the people staying in our neighbourhood".

Residents must form stronger bonds among themselves and back positive community-based activities.

All this will result in our families benefiting from a safer South Africa; only if we work together.

Nasrine Akoob