ANC needs to set bar high in electing its leadership

ANC flag.
ANC flag.

As the ANC in Gauteng prepares for its regional conferences and the provincial conference, we must insist on electing a leadership that possesses high level skills that are a direct response to the demands of the knowledge economy and the fourth industrial revolution, especially because of the nature and form of the Gauteng economy.

As we prepare to nominate "the best among us", we must choose thought leaders who are about building a better Africa and a better world.

We must choose leaders that can pass the test of time. We must choose a leadership cohort that is of high ethical and revolutionary morality and standing in society and in the movement.

How, then, do we choose such leaders? In fact, the other critical question is where do we produce a leadership of this calibre?

Mduduzi Mbada, Chairman of the ANC's Mzala Branch