Local black businesses can be success stories

19 March 2018 - 14:47
By Reader Letter

It saddens me to see shops owned by black people shutting down every day.

Small businesses play a key role in creating jobs; they also contribute in growing the economy of our country. But, at the rate at which these businesses are closing, I feel we are letting ourselves down.

As much as most people would love to start their own businesses, it is important that they start by researching their target market before opening for business.

In many communities, there's a trend of renting out these businesses to foreign nationals. This is as a result of laziness and not being fully prepared to face head-on the challenges that come with running a business. What is more depressing is noticing how the foreign nationals turn these businesses into success stories.

Black business people must stop neglecting their businesses.

Meshack Mathe

Mtititi village