It's unfair to punish whites over land

It's unfair to punish whites over land.
It's unfair to punish whites over land.

Though Thabo Mbeki advised Julius Malema to allow a discussion on the land issue rather than populist slogans, the EFF leader seems to have disregarded such wisdom.

The land issue is too complex to be successfully tackled by inexperienced youngsters like Malema or the EFF, and a rotten and corrupt populist ANC.

It is worthy to note that the land was not stolen from the Khoikhoi, San and so-called Abantu black kingdoms, but it was taken after military victories by Europeans over divided black people, just as King Shaka defeated many kingdoms and chiefdoms to build the the mighty Zulu ethnic group, in the process enforcing submission to the great Zulu royal throne.

Many other black kingdoms did the same, fighting for land and subduing defeated foes or taking over their land. However, as Mr Kgomo pointed out on Radio 2000's Talk with Thami Ngubeni, when white people arrived there were already established territories and peaceful co-existence between Abantu and the Khoikhoi and San. Sadly it was tribalism among black people that led to white people defeating them and ruling over them for nearly 400 years.

Let the descendants of white people be given a chance to fix the mess of their forebears rather than punish them for the sins of their ancestors.

The EFF and the ANC populists must not push us to take this issue to the Constitutional Court or even the International Criminal Court.

Yes, land must be shared but not as a tool to keep power-hungry politicians in power. Malema is recklessly power-hungry. How dare he raises his voice to an anointed (Zulu) king (Goodwill Zwelithini)?

Only when Africans accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and renounce ancestral worship, will they overcome their hatred for each other due to tribalism.

Khotso Moleko,by e-mail

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