Lifestyle audits will help end looting and cleanse the state of corruption

22 February 2018 - 12:15
By Reader Letter
Upper house of parliament.
Upper house of parliament.

President Cyril Ramaphosa wanting to conduct lifestyle audits on his cabinet members should be welcomed by all.

The newly elected president, during his reply to the debate on the State of the Nationa Address, said it was part of their resolution within the ANC to conduct these audits. It is so refreshing to have a president like Ramaphosa, who is so optimistic and willing to go the extra mile.

The country has been subjected to corrupt officials for a long time now, spring cleaning is needed. Once corruption is eradicated this will call for everything and everyone to be transparent. People in high positions need to be held accountable for their spending and incomes.

The lifestyle audit has been a long time coming because for many years under our democratic state, cabinet members have been living beyond their means, without having to explain how they receive extra incomes, which implies that they might be getting "kickbacks" from donors or foreign sponsors in return for some sort of "special" favours from them.

I look forward to the clear-out of corrupt ministers who feel entitled to state resources without any redress and public servants who hold government departments hostage just because they were deployed to "top" positions, but in turn they let the states to be looted.

Phumzile Malatswane