Zuma is immune to humiliation


The president of the ANC and the national executive committee want us to appreciate that the removal of the president of the country must not humiliate him. Really?

I will never promote the humiliation of any person as I would not like to be humiliated myself. If one does not like to be humiliated, one must not humiliate himself, the country or others.

I think President Jacob Zuma humiliated himself when he was involved in the Khwezi rape case. Humiliation, to him, is like water on a duck's back. If it was someone with a conscience, he would have retreated from that time. Please, Mr president...

When Zuma allows the Guptas to mess up this country like they have done, is that not humiliation of this country? Please, Mr president...

And when he recalled the finance ministers? Take the case of Pravin Gordhan. Was it necessary for the president to pull the minister out of the business trip overseas, as if the country was on fire, only to fire him based on a nonexistent intelligence report? Was that not a humiliation of the minister?

What about the case of Nhlanhla Nene? Was it not humiliation when he was removed on the basis of a Brics Bank position that never materialised? Please Mr president...

Please, Mr Ramaphosa. In all of these shenanigans, it is South African taxpayers' money being abused. Even for Mr Zuma's cases to avoid facing justice, he is using our money.

The ANC must understand that it is not in power because of its membership alone, but mainly because of all South Africans who support the ANC. We cannot keep voting ANC just on the basis of Struggle credentials; it must reclaim its position of leading this South African society.

Mbuyiseni Ka Sithebe