Youth have no reason to snub tertiary education

01 February 2018 - 14:29
By Reader Letter
Image: Thinkstock

When I was a teenager, my late father shared with me why he hadn't gone through school. He said his parents couldn't afford to buy school uniform for him and his younger brother.

They, my father and my uncle, took turns going to school because they were sharing a uniform. He ended up sacrificing his own education to allow his brother to continue going to school.

At my workplace my colleagues, who are older than my father, tell similar stories. They, however, are concerned that today's generation is wasting opportunities of getting educated.

Now that tertiary education is free for poor students, they wish this had happened during their youthful years.

They ask what would today's generation give as a reason when asked by their children why they didn't continue with their studies.

Godfrey Malibe