Don't regret 2017, work for change in the new year

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It's amazing how we start the new year with dreams and high hopes but then not always get what we want from those dreams and plans.

The year 2017 has left some of us with disappointments but we don't have to despair as 2018 is now here. If we believe we are destined for better things we'll succeed.

Let's put our trust in God, and work hard towards what we aim to achieve.

Don't cry over missed opportunities in 2017 because the new year offers us the opportunity to plan afresh and work hard on our dreams.

We cannot turn back the clock. Let us now focus on the things that will bring us peace, prosperity and love. 2018 is here, make things happen and stop the blame game.

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla

Halfway House