Show failure what you are made of

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Nowadays we are raised to learn that education is the key to success but, again, let me say this to all those matriculates who didn't make it - "everybody is a genius".

So do not sell yourself short by restricting your success to the achievement of others. You owe yourself more than that.

Do not allow your failure to dampen your positive attitude but use it as an inspiration to try harder and, most importantly, eliminate the perception that failure is a bad thing.

It's only there to merely test your strength of character. So go out there and show failure what you are made of.

Another thing I can say is that supplementary exams has always been the best. So go for it to upgrade your subjects and conquer that future.

You can still make it to the university after supplementing your marks and live the future you wanted.

Sitting there panicking won't help, and remember, suicide has never been an option. Always remember that failure means you tried and had the courage to explore the experience to see what works and what doesn't.

Winny Shokane, Diepsloot