The empowerment of women must not be at the expense of black men

college students in lecture.
college students in lecture.
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It is common for many men to suddenly become activists for women's issues during this time of the year.

It's easy to toyi-toyi outside court and say "not in my name".

However, the reality is that the abuse of women is exactly the same as the abuse of men.

It begins when men are called dogs publicly or slapped in movies and soapies.

Slogans like "all men are trash" will not help in eradicating women abuse.

The empowerment of women must not be at the expense of black men in particular.

It astonishes me that a black government, knowing very well that black men were the most ridiculed under apartheid and by white men, would again disempower the black man further during democracy.

Women empowerment is necessary but must not be at the expense of the empowerment of black men.

Many white women are racist on social networks.

They do this despite the black government including them in black economic empowerment.

Woman and child abuse is a shame but its roots lie in human development systems.

But if both men and women are developed from a young age to either accept God or the constitution (not both) as supreme in their individual lives, then we may have some progress.

It is not for men to stand up and fight for women's rights but for women themselves to do so.

KD Moleko

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