US and Britain are guilty of misrepresenting Mugabe's legacy

Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.
Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.
Image: Simphiwe Nkwali.

Once your enemies start praising and singing good songs about you, then you must know you are doing something wrong.

Your enemies should hate you just like the British and Americans hated Robert Mugabe. Why blame Mugabe for Zimbabwe's economic downfall?

Mugabe is not responsible for Zimbabwe's economic woes. It is the British and the Americans using the UN to impose economic sanctions.

How can a country prosper if they cannot buy or sell products?

All countries not agreeing to American and British domination are sanctioned, including Russia and North Korea.

Is that fair? No, it is not.

Mugabe is the finest leader that Africa has produced. Do not listen to European lies, they damage people's perception of the world.

EB Nkomo,Soweto