Obey road rules to avoid carnage

Five people were killed in a car accident on the N3 near Shongweni‚ west of Durban.
Five people were killed in a car accident on the N3 near Shongweni‚ west of Durban.

Almost every year during the festive season, we hear and read about horrific road accidents which claim the lives of our loved ones and leave others with serious injuries.

These accidents keep occurring despite traffic safety awareness campaigns driven by media and traffic officials.

Hearing awareness campaign messages is easy, but abiding by them seem difficult for drivers.

I'd like to advise the Department of Roads and Transport to ensure our roads are in good condition and void of potholes. Bushes along the roads should be cleared as they obscure road signs. Livestock owners must ensure that stray animals are kept away from the roads.

Drivers must check the condition of their vehicles before embarking on a journey. Some vehicles are not roadworthy and need to be impounded.

Some people drive without a licence and put the lives of other drivers and passengers at risk.

Others drink alcohol and hit the road thinking they'll arrive alive at their destinations.

Most road crashes in South Africa are attributed to drunken driving.

Drinking drivers must ask their friends to drive them or use a taxi.

As families and friends, we all want to arrive alive at our destinations to celebrate the festive season with our loved ones.

It is painful for children to turn into orphans due to reckless and careless drivers.

It is equally painful for parents to have drivers who gamble with the lives of their children.

I urge all drivers to obey the rules of the road at all times to avoid unnecessary road carnage.

Drivers must exercise patience on the roads and know that they're not the only ones using the roads. Corrupt officials who receive bribes or "cold-drinks" should be harshly dealt with.

We can't afford to trade passengers' lives with "cold-drinks".

Those driving under the influence of alcohol should be heavily fined and their licences rendered invalid for a certain period of time.

Drivers also read their WhatsApp and Facebook messages, and SMSes, while driving and this distracts their attention. I call for responsible behaviour and for drivers to adapt their speed to weather conditions. Please buckle up and be safe.

Amos Tebeila

Mohlaletse village