Nobody was born to be a failure in life

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Most people tend to believe that success is tailored and designated for a particular class of people, but this is not so as success is actually meant for us all.

We often ask ourselves how others do well in life, and what sin have we committed to be unsuccessful. However, it all boils down to attitude. For as long as our hearts believe and our minds conceive it, success is within our reach.

We need to be goal-driven, oriented and posses a never-say-die attitude and , remain humble.

Without any goal, our lives are purposeless and we will live to fulfil other peoples' goals.

Many of us fail not because we aren't capable but because we fail before we even try, and because we never believe in our worth, and lack self-esteem, confidence and ambition.

Mind you, success doesn't happen suddenly, automatically and immediately.

It's a process that needs assertiveness, patience and perseverance. With dedication and consistency, no one can dare stop us as the sky is the limit.

Goals must be set and dived into short-term and long-term.

Weigh them and see if they are achievable, realistic, authentic and genuine, and stipulate a time frame.

Those who are fired up with enthusiastic ideas and who allow their goals to hold and dominate their thoughts will find a new world opening up for them.

For as long as you grab your opportunities with both hands, so will other opportunities avail themselves to you.

Success comes to those who are success-conscious as nothing can stop people with the right mental attitude from achieving their goals.

Nothing on earth can help a man with a wrong mental attitude.

McDivett Tshehla,Halfway House