Khoza's new party a terrible blunder

Dr. Makhosi Khoza speaks during the National Assembly debate.
Dr. Makhosi Khoza speaks during the National Assembly debate.
Image: Gallo Images / Beeld / Lulama Zenzile

Dr Makhosi Khoza took an un-tactical move by forming a new political party.

Her party will not have any impact and won't offer anything substantial. I would much like to see someone who can stand up and represent "the people of South Africa" - not a political party, race or tribe, just ordinary people.

It's a pity that people care so much about political parties rather than the people and wellbeing of the country.

We are not going anywhere with too many political parties which only want seats in parliament at the expense of voters. We need modern, social movements that cut across political ideology, religion, culture, class, race and other divisions, and that unite us on key issues such as ending corruption, reducing inequality and poverty, and creating a new socio-economic contract with people that does not involve politics.

The panacea to corruption in Africa is punitive action against thieves masquerading as politicians.

Emanuel Matlala