Saboteurs getting rich destroying SA

Electricity pylons Picture credit: iStock images
Electricity pylons Picture credit: iStock images

I have been aware that there are people who sabotage our infrastructure so as to get a constant flow of tenders.

What I didn't know was how bad it was until I read a tweet from Nelson Mandela Bay's mayor Athol Trollip. It was about a 900mm valve they discovered. The valve was used to prevent water from being supplied to four Port Elizabeth townships. How heartless can people be?

It's been rumoured that some violent protests are sponsored by people to further their agendas. South Africans are caught right in the middle of greedy and selfish people.

How do you sleep knowing that thousands of people are without water because of your actions? Have people lost the spirit of ubuntu because of money?

There is a reason why people rate apartheid four-rooms houses above RDP houses. Some RDP houses are so poorly constructed that they crack almost immediately.

There's also another headache with RDP houses. People are still on waiting lists after many years but according to records, they own RDP houses. Their houses have actually been given to people who bribed officials.

Then you have cable theft that has left the Johannesburg CBD without electricity for days.

Cable theft has elements of an inside job. Some of these thieves know exactly what they are looking for. Our infrastructure is old as it is, and if people sabotage it, then we are in trouble.

If this is the rainbow nation Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu were dreaming of, then their dreams have gone off the rails.

Until such saboteurs are brought to book, we will continue having these problems.

Richardson Mzaidume