Use lockdown to find new ways to be you

27 March 2020 - 10:51
By , kwanele ndlovu AND Kwanele Ndlovu
The 21-day lockdown is not time to relive your festive season, but a time to find ways  to survive the coronavirus. Avoid the streets and stay home. /ANTONIO MUCHAVE/SOWETAN
The 21-day lockdown is not time to relive your festive season, but a time to find ways to survive the coronavirus. Avoid the streets and stay home. /ANTONIO MUCHAVE/SOWETAN

It has been quite amazing to watch how the people of South Africa shifted from demanding "close the country" to literally moaning about every measure put in place for the lockdown.

I don't get it. Did people think a lockdown only means closing the borders while we, the citizens, get to relive the festive season?

It is a lockdown!

And all actions that contradict regulations that have been put in place basically carry criminal sanction. So, do not be an idiot. Stay at home. You will be surprised to discover just how much activities you can do indoors.

Listen and read! This time around, all the wisdom you need to be able to survive the coronavirus will not be higher-grade sarcasm coded in memes. Nope, it will actually not be that deep.

All we need to do is access government sites, switch on the radio or watch television for the regular updates and discussions. You may need data for all your Facetime escapades and selfies of your unusual sober self, but sites that will save your life are zero-rated.

Change some things in your daily routines. Appearances are not important at this juncture. Of course you can use this time to start a strict beauty regime or grow your nails. Actually, staying indoors will most definitely help with pigmentation and get that complexion glowing.

But remember, unlike hair, your lungs will not grow back strong and glossy after you have contracted the virus.

So, ignore that itch to call your hairdresser or beautician for a sneak home visit. If you really cannot live through twenty one bad hair days, then cut that hair off!

And honestly, that dog is an animal. Stop cuddling him all day and let him be on all fours; you will be surprised at just how much walking, jumping and even running he is capable of doing with no human aid, and no leash. You on the other hand, may need a whole lot more motivation to get off the couch and exercise.

Fortunately, various fitness coaches have volunteered to record home fitness videos. Log on to any social media platform and try keep up with a few. If all fails, any 90s kwaito video by Arthur, Abashante and Boom Shaka has dance moves that will sure shed a few kilos if you put it on repeat and do like they do!

Yes, there will be some lives lost during this period, and most will not be related to Covid-19.

At this time, part of respecting the dead will include us refraining from attending funerals where we are not close relatives to the deceased - to avoid a commotion with the army trying to dismiss crowds.

It would honestly be a shame if you insist on breaking the law just so you can wear your fancy skinny pants and sunglasses, sit outside the bereaved family's home with your alcohol in cooler-boxes and gossip with your squad.

You can honestly take leave from being the best dressed patron at the funeral, you deserve it. Stay at home and be thankful that you are still healthy and alive.

Yes, we are all frustrated and we are anxious about the lockdown. Covid-19 is a novel phenomenon and all of us are learning new habits and attitudes for survival. We are frightened.

But we can all make this easy on the officials and essential services workers who are charged with the duty of serving our basic needs during this period by just staying indoors!