What is it about phones that turns adults into idiots?

Taking footage of naked people without their consent and then sharing it is such a violating act, the writer says.
Taking footage of naked people without their consent and then sharing it is such a violating act, the writer says.
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"So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him." - Matthew 24:44.

Isn't this one of the things that warms many a Christian's heart? To know that the Lord Jesus is going to once again come down and reward those that have been faithful and those who have 'accepted' him as Lord and saviour?

In 2020, what would Jesus look like? Would we know it was him?

Last week, we got a glimpse.

'Jesus' was found walking towards Northcliff in Johannesburg, in a video that first surfaced on Twitter and then went on to go viral on all platforms. In this video, a young gorgeous couple is seen walking through a suburb naked.

The lady who is taking the video asks them questions about what religion they are following to which the young man replies "I am Jesus", then follows up with a desperate but masked with bravado plea to be taken to Northcliff.

During this interaction between the two, the young woman keeps on saying "She's taking a video", seemingly distressed by the action. And that really is my issue.

What is it about smartphones that turns adults into idiots? I would have said children, but children aren't stupid; they are just children and do not deserve to be lumped with these idiotic adults.

What we know about life and this journey is that any sort of thing can befall us as humans, at any time. It could be tragedy, love, bad choices, the list is endless.

Surely, no one in their right mind is going to be walking through a suburb naked, knowing very well that idiocy that lives among people. Why is the first instinct is to take a video? Not even as a personal momento, but to put it up on social media? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with people?

Or do you imagine that you would never be a place of compromise where you would hope to appeal to people's compassion instead of ridicule?

That couple looks young, and I believe they have time and opportunity to fix whatever it is that landed them in a place of ridicule because an adult was excitable. I want them to get well and then go sue that woman who took the video, sue her for everything; take everything tot tot daai phone.

I know that social media laws are still murky, but we need as many cases as possible to go to court so that people can learn to act their ages.

Taking footage of naked people without their consent and then sharing it is such a violating act.

If people have been tried for sharing naked images that had been voluntarily sent to them, surely this woman can be sent to prison? It is criminal what she did.

We are so ready to giggle at nonsense that people are ready to discard their empathy and reason for a few likes and retweets. What do you gain? At least news sites gain clicks for a story. But as a regular Jane what reward do you receive that makes that act a worthwhile one for you?

As for the Sandton sex drama and the childish obsession people have with sex being had by other people, really confuses me. It really was enough to have witnessed that incident, had a laugh about it and moved on.

But no, phones must be pulled out, social media must be abuzz. I really really hope that every single one of the people sue someone. Julle is baie lastig.

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