I'm joining a running club, that's my new year's resolution

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The writer is changing her ways and joining a running club this year.
The writer is changing her ways and joining a running club this year.
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Like most people do, on the first day of the year I sit and assess my progress and try and schedule a few goals around the calendar.

Due to the pressures of being woke and lit, I actively deny that this activity constitutes making resolutions for the new year.

I don't make resolutions, thanks.

Without fail, each new year my annual plan includes one or the other rigorous schedule for exercise, gym and eating well.

I have always been petite and featherweight, but very unhealthy and usually and have had a few stints of hospitalisation each year in the past decade.

Yet, I have never picked myself up to actually follow up on my plan to exercise regularly and keep healthy.

Don't get me wrong, I would go to the gym. There has never been a year when I did not have some form of gym membership.

I would go there and even do things. I would go and take a long steam while pondering on matters of my ailing finances.

I would sometimes get on the scale to confirm that I am still a featherweight.

I would go and take a class of cardio just to prove that I should not do cardio because it is just too hard. Last year, I even went to the gym for a #ActiveLifestyle #SixPackLoading selfie at the big mirrors.

So, my problem is not really going to the gym, or going for a jog. The thing is that I just never go back until the next annual schedule of the same activity.

I had a lazy year in 2019.

I cannot even remember walking anywhere where I could say I actively burnt calories and felt refreshed.

Then, I could not wait for the festive break so I could have everything I love.

Worse, I went back to taking sugar during the year and this led to the sweetest caramel treat dessert at the Christmas lunch.

After an impressive display of my culinary talents, a marathon festive binge, cleansed with aged wines and sparkling water - I knew I was spiraling down a path to illness.

But it was festive and the food was plenty. So, I would detox first thing in the morning and then eat fried foods for breakfast, a full meal for lunch, and chops at seven just for control!

I got onto a scale. Suspected it might be broken. Lifted it off the floor and tilted it a few times. I don't know, it has always seemed that shaking stuff is the best way to fix anything.

Weighed myself again. Realised I was facing north, and that was probably messing with gravity. No? So, I changed it around and weighed myself facing west.

After a careful analysis of the numbers that were staring back at me, and having taken off my socks just to be sure that the weight measured is that of me, myself and nothing else, I was shook by just how heavy I have become.

I neglected self-care and capped the year off with unnecessary feasting and alcohol. Every kilogram that I have put on is of my own doing.

I have accepted that I do not have the advantage of youth on my side anymore. My health and wellbeing is entirely dependent on me actively choosing to be healthy.

So, that's it. I am joining a running club this year. And yes, this is my new year's resolution!

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