No love waiting at KFC for all of us, so live your life fully

Image: 123RF

If the country's dilemma of which chicken outlet is king between KFC and Chicken Licken, I would probably choose the latter, mostly because, of the two, it is the one that deals with babalas the most. And if you know me, well, one is babalased quite frequently.

But this week, KFC is the darling that is on everyone's lips. Why? Because a man proposed to his love at one of its branches. When the video of him proposing in the shop went viral, a lady (using this word very loosely) tweeted in a mean-spirited way that South Africans are so broke that they are proposing at KFC.

What ensued was all of Twitter rising up to say "not in the week of president Siya Kolisi, ma'am". People started pledging things to help with the couple's wedding, and each new pledge was bigger and more exciting than the last.

In the end, we were all left in our feels as even big corporate giants came to the party to offer the couple gifts the rest of us can only dream of. A great week on Twitter and in SA where people tend to be gracious to one another. How wonderful to witness what seems like a great love between the two lovebirds.

Last week when I wrote about the Springboks win, many people called me negative. It is never my intention to be negative, but we need to be sober about things and I am not trying to rain on the KFC wedding parade.

I have no doubt that many felt inspired and hopeful of finding love, and someone to spend forever with. And so believe me when I say that it does not give me pleasure to say this. But in the end, not all pots have lids, and love doesn't always win.

No my friend! I said this to my two friends, and even they were upset with me for saying they may never find the lids to their pots. This is real life. It is not a fairy tale.

Despite the magical few days Nonhlanhla and Hector have had, we need to remember that they did not fetch their love and luck from KFC, they walked into KFC with their own.

We don't all get magic, and we certainly don't get free gifts from the world.

But society has for a long time pushed it down our throats that life has one linear progression. That you get a job, find someone to marry, settle down and have some children and live happily ever after. And that happiness looks like one thing and lives and exists as a certain thing.

My worry is that when society rightfully comes together to lovingly embrace a moment that is "finding the one", that can be quite triggering to people who sit with an emptiness where "the one" should be, maybe even see it as failure.

To some, the cuteness of the moment is quickly overshadowed by wishing it was them. Loneliness sucks, it hurts, but don't be consumed by it.

But for the rest of us who don't know where this love thing is going, the festive season is here and you are going to need to enjoy it to your fullest. Life is too short. Not being married does have its perks, if you know what I mean.

Don't waste the best time of your life looking for love; it is not lost, and it may never come. Find your own kind of magic.