Wise water use a priority as dam levels keep dropping

Image: 123RF/Andriy Popov

Water levels in the country's dams, rivers and streams continue to drop each and every week.

Even if we do get some rain, it is not enough - only offering temporary relief as the water levels continue to drop.

The heat wave only adds to the problem as evaporation increases.

Our country is water scarce and one of the driest countries in the world, and current conditions call for all people living in SA to work together and conserve the available water.

The country just experienced a devastating drought not long ago, and the effects are still noticeable with difficulties getting dams filled to 100%.

This is a challenge that we need to tackle as a united front to ensure that we do not reach a situation where some areas have no access to the precious source of life.

Water is life, but if we do not become responsible water users, we will encounter serious water shortages.

Water supply security depends on our wise water use and water conservation behaviour.

It is all in our hands to ensure sustainable water supply for the current and future generations.

We only have to look at the past couple of years to see how the recent drought has negatively impacted on our water resources, which are still struggling to fully recover.

Our behavior determines our future, so let us be responsible and use the available water in a responsible, wise and conservative manner.

We need to always remember that water, unlike electricity, has no substitute and therefore we must always treasure each and every drop.

It is heartbreaking to see people wasting precious water through irresponsible actions, especially in times when our dams and rivers are running low and levels keep dropping.

Municipalities must also up their game when it comes to fixing leaks and pipe bursts as precious water is lost.

Let us all do an introspection and see how we behave and use water in our lives and commit to be responsible and conservative water users.

Let us take the initiative and avoid being pushed to use water wisely through water restrictions and penalties.

Water is life and has no substitute and let us all play our part in ensuring water security by respecting water and using it in a wise and conservative manner at all times.

Khoza works in communication services at the department of water and sanitation in Mpumalanga