Mkhari served us like sorghum beer to billionaire

Given Mkhari, chairman of radio station Power FM and CEO of MSG Afrika.
Given Mkhari, chairman of radio station Power FM and CEO of MSG Afrika.
Image: Antonio Muchave

I think this Chairman's Conversation is problematic in many ways.

First, the interview must not be a dialogue of two people (we might as well watch it on YouTube, not prime time TV).

Otherwise this is like a Destiny Man interview. In fact, it was.

The guy had an easy passage on critical historical and contemporary facts. He chose white prejudice about nightclubs and cars over real political and economic issues. He walked all over us, man!

Given Mkhari served us as sorghum beer at a Maskandi festival.

Rupert rewrote history and told alternative facts about his family's relationship with apartheid. He made us believe that his success is only a function of initiative, not state patronage.

He intimidates us by showing off his black friends and black celebrities who model his wears.

Why not show off the wealth he has created for black people or his transformation record in particular? Why not show off how his banks have opened funding opportunities for black businesses, not just consumption finance?

But I am fool to expect such.

As for his tribalism and divide and rule, the less said the better. It is shattering that Mkhari found those stand-up comedy jokes amusing.

So I agree with David Maimela that it was a great interview: great in a sense that it reminded us of the big struggles ahead, the need to move mountains to reclaim our dignity.

Rupert reminded us of how low white capital thinks of us: that if we get money we will go clubbing.

Let me not even start on his chauvinism. Thanks to Iman Rappetti for pricking his narcissistic conscience.

The man entered the ANC internal battles and played them out, loud, like a gqom song of the year. And we danced to the condescending lyrics.

By the way, has Mbazima Shilowa tweeted yet? Rupert stopped short of saying he paid lobola for him.

JR, as Mkhari patronizingly called him, says the problem of SA is Afrikaner vs black nationalism. He stops there. He doesn't proceed to say the former is racist and the latter is revolutionary and anti-white supremacist.

Black consciousness is the antithesis of white consciousness. But it is not just that: it is progressive, forward looking and internationalist. Pity he learned nothing from his claimed meeting with Steve Biko.

Yazi we are naked generally and Given gave Rupert the washing line to hang us. As Thulani Mavuso says, Mkhari played the game (did the interview) only because the ball (Power FM) is his.

What is most painful, though is seeing comrades hypocritically condemn Rupert yet spend millions on his products. They proudly drink his wine (R&R) and wear his clothes as if Louis Vuitton is equivalent to Che Guevara t-shirts that represent something revolutionary.

Before I forget, let us now allow wealthy ageists to brow beat us into submission by saying we must respect and acknowledge them because they create jobs. That is tyranny of King Leopold's proportions.

One thing is clear, the rainbow nation lullaby is no longer hypnotic. History won't absolve you Mr JR.

Comfort we source from the well of wisdom of President Oliver Tambo who said: "The future is bright and the end is glorious and peaceful, but the intervening period is dark, bitter and finds its glory in the act of struggle."

Ngcaweni is co-editor of 'We are No Longer at Easter: the Struggle for #FeesMustFall'

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